How to choose sound absorbing material?




With the prosperity and hustle and bustle of the city, people's lives have begun to enrich, but for some street owners, they can't help but worry that how to reduce noise has become a topic of their concern. The emergence of sound-absorbing materials has solved this problem well, so which is better? Come and see today!

1. Fabric sound-absorbing material

The raw material of the fabric sound-absorbing panel is centrifugal glass wool, which is recognized by the world as having a good sound-absorbing effect. It is used in many fields that require sound-absorbing. This material has strong sound-absorbing effect, long service life, light weight, good mildew and moisture resistance control effect, and color Bright, decorative effect is strong.

2. Mineral wool sound-absorbing material

Mineral wool acoustic panels are often used in our ceilings, they not only have a good decorative effect in appearance, but also have excellent sound absorption properties. From the surface of the mineral wool sound-absorbing panel, we can see the uneven composition of pores, this special structure can convert sound into heat through these small holes, thereby reducing sound pollution.

3. Metal sound-absorbing material

Metal sound-absorbing panels are actually a new material. Like mineral wool sound-absorbing panels, there are many small holes on the surface, which are punched with metal materials to eliminate noise. Because of the good decorative properties of metal, we often find the space atmosphere and beauty after installation.

4. Wooden sound-absorbing material

The wooden sound-absorbing panel is made of high-density board and pressed at high temperature. This sound-absorbing panel has beautiful appearance, good sound-absorbing performance, and is very convenient to install. It is very popular with consumers. However, wooden sound-absorbing panels are not moisture-proof and can only be installed in some dry environments. If the humidity is too high, it is easy to mold. In some high-end decoration spaces, such as hotels, dance halls, etc., it is also very convenient to take care of at ordinary times. It can be cleaned with only a rag. It is made of pressed, beautiful appearance, good sound absorption effect, and has the characteristics of simple structure and independent shape. .