What should I pay attention to when replacing the car seal?




Automobile sealing strip is one of the important parts of automobiles. It is widely used in doors, windows, body, seats, sunroofs, engine boxes and trunks. It can be used to produce rubber for passenger car luggage compartment doors. The hinge also has other functions such as waterproofing and sealing.

1. Before replacing the car sealing strip, you must choose a good style according to the sealing strip used in your own model. The models matched with different sealing strips are also quite different.

2. After the car sealing strip is selected, remove the original sealing strip before installation, wipe the area that needs to be covered with the sealing strip, and then apply a layer of protective agent before installation, which can prevent the sealing strip from aging and improve the sealing strip. sealing function.

3. When replacing the door seal, there are usually one or two water outlets on the door. Do not block these drainage holes to avoid water accumulation in the car.

4. There is an abnormal noise when the window is raised or lowered, or there is a problem with the sealing strip. If adjusting the position of the sealing strip still cannot solve the problem, it may need to be replaced.

5. The sealing strip of the car sunroof also needs attention. Due to long-term exposure to the air, the sun and rain will be more serious. Some damaged sealing strips may cause wind and rain leakage. Therefore, the sunroof sealing strips also need regular maintenance and inspection, and must be replaced decisively if necessary.

Although the car weather strip is a small part in the body, it can ensure the stability and weight of the door opening and closing, and can also protect the car from wind, rain and dust, heat and sound insulation, and play the role of the junction of doors and windows. The decorative effect of the edge, when the body is subjected to vibration and deformation, the sealing strip also plays the role of buffering, shock absorption, and protecting the glass. Therefore, car maintenance is not a trivial matter, and any link cannot be ignored.