How to maintain the car seal?




In winter, I don't know if you feel a phenomenon, which is that there is always a cold wind blowing directly into the car, accompanied by a small wind, which is the same as the door is not closed. This has a very important relationship with one thing, that is, the car weather strip. It can not only improve air tightness, but also prevent wind and rain from entering the car when it enters the car, if aging occurs at this time, it will affect the air tightness of the car, causing rainwater in the car to leak, and the wind will blow In a car, if rainwater leaks, the body is prone to rust. We can see that it is an important part of the car, we have to maintain and inspect it regularly, today there are many specialist shops in the market that can customize your car, by this, not only can improve the airtightness of the car, but also have Dustproof effect, if you find that the airtightness of the car is not very good, how to maintain this airtightness in daily life?

It is necessary to regularly check for cracks and breakages, and if you find damage to the car weather strip, you can find an adhesive to repair it. The adhesive here is a specially used adhesive so it's not difficult to repair the crack, if your crack is large or badly aged, you don't need to use the adhesive anymore, it's easier to replace it with a new one, the replacement method is very simple, but For good results, ask a professional to update it.

In the usual maintenance process, the following items are included. First, the detergent should be cleaned. After cleaning, it is not done, and a layer of protective agent should be applied, which can prevent aging and prevent dust. .