What should be followed in the selection of theater sound-absorbing materials?




The sound effect required by the theater is very perfect, so the selection of sound-absorbing materials in the theater should follow the rule that the reverberation time is controlled at about 1.5-2.8 seconds. The specific reverberation time should be determined by the volume of the hall. Appropriate sound-absorbing materials should be used for sound-absorbing materials in theaters.

Of course, the better reverberation time is related to the theme and style of the music, the best reverberation time is 1.6-1.8 seconds for classical music, 2.1 seconds for romantic music, and 1.8-2.0 seconds for modern music, respectively 125 Hz and 250 Hz, reverberation time from 1.9Hz to 500Hz.

So, when choosing sound absorbing materials for a theater, you can also consider the fact that reverberation time is common for musical themes and styles, theaters have a long reverberation time, so try to minimize the use of sound absorbing materials , such as theater sound-absorbing materials mainly used for reflection, to improve the quality of surround sound, because the ceiling above the theater music platform is usually high

Make the musicians and the audience reflect as soon as possible. The reflector should be hung above the music platform. The hanging height of the mirror should not exceed 6-8m. The background noise of the theater is usually much lower than that of the NC-20, so the installation of sound-absorbing materials in the theater can solve this problem.

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