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"Melamine foam is composed of three-dimensional mesh structure with high porosity. Sound wave can easily and effectively enter the deep layer of the foam body, be consumed and absorbed by the vibration of the mesh, and effectively eliminate the reflected wave.

Melamine foam is made of melamine (melamine itself is a flame retardant), so melamine foam can meet the following standard requirements without adding any flame retardant or other additives: B1 level low flammability material standard specified by din4102 in Germany; ul94-v0 level high flame retardant material standard of American Insurance Association; BS 6853 and NF in EU F16-101, din5510 fire protection certification; class B (flame retardant) flame retardant standard in Chinese national standard GB / t8624-2006.

The three-dimensional network structure of melamine foam can effectively prevent the convective heat transfer of air, so that the melamine foam has excellent heat insulation effect. Melamine foam belongs to thermosetting foam, which has a high network cross-linking structure system. Compared with traditional polyethylene, polypropylene and polyurethane foam materials with low cross-linking degree, melamine foam has higher heat stability and aging resistance, can work stably in the temperature range of - 180 ℃ to 200 ℃ for a long time, and can withstand high temperature of 240 ℃ for a short time.

The bulk density of melamine foam is only 4-12kg / m3, which is one of the lightest materials in the foamed plastics;

Melamine foam has unique chemical stability due to its stable chemical structure and crosslink, and it is non-toxic, tasteless, fiber-free and powder free. Its sanitation can meet the requirements of food hygiene level, and it is widely used in daily chemical industry, food industry, electronic industry, interior decoration and communication and other fields.

Melamine foam can be processed into various shapes by cutting, chipping, spinning and other mechanical processing and hot pressing; at the same time, the foam body can be easily combined with a variety of materials into a series of products such as sound absorption, heat preservation, heat insulation, etc., such as aluminum foil, back glue, waterproof and oil proof treatment, which can meet the needs of different occasions and working conditions. "

Code Density
(Shore C)
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Characteristic Mainpurpose
PU series AU-100 25±5 - 100±20 110±20 Highrebound,soundabsorptionandcushioning Cushioningmaterial
AU-200 30±5 - 150±30 170±20 Highresilience,soundabsorption,meshstructure Filtermaterial
AU-300 65±15 - 80±15 180±30 Flameretardant,agingresistant Buffermaterial,flameretardantmaterial
AJ-100 8±4 - 120±20 15±5 Lightweight,highflameretardantandgoodtemperatureresistance Soundabsorptionmaterial,flameretardantmaterial


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