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Changzhou ADIA Rubber & Plastic Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ADIA’) is dedicated to the application, research and development of rubber and plastic foam materials.

Relying on rich experience and technologies accumulated in the course of research and production, ADIA collects the latest results of rubber and plastic foam materials around the world, adopts high precision processing equipments to deal with horizontally cutting, stripping, coating, cutting, punching, etc. and manufacture all kinds of rubber and plastic foam materials ( such as EPDM, PU, PE, EVA, CR, NBR/PVC, NR, etc.), board materials, sheet materials, coil materials, single/double side coated plates, self-adhesive tapes, heterotype die cuttings, cushion pads, and so on, which are widely used in automobiles, high speed trains, precision instruments, household appliances, air conditioners, heating and ventilating equipment, purifying equipment, noise control equipment, etc.

Nowadays, our products are exported to Japan, America, Australia, the Middle East and other countries.